Aqua Coolkeeper Cooling Bandana

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Why do I need Aqua Coolkeeper®?

Whether you are hiking, sporting, working, suffering from a disease or just relaxing, Aqua Coolkeeper® provides your body with instant cooling.
Aqua Coolkeeper® can also help elderly people to prevent heatstroke!
Controlling your body temperature will keep you focused and improves your endurance. There is no reason to suffer from the heat anymore!
The only thing you need to activate Aqua Coolkeeper® is water!

  • For Multiple Sclerosis patients, cooling therapy could be considered as a potential adjunct to other symptomatic and disease-modifying treatments.

Aqua Coolkeeper® stays cool up to 5 days!
Aqua Coolkeeper® is reusable over and over again.
Aqua Coolkeeper® helps your body to keep cool and stay healthy in a safe and responsible way!

Cools your body when:
■ the weather is hot
■ sporting or working
■ outdoors
■ travelling

■ heat stress
■ raised body temperature
■ restricted airways due to heat stress

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