How long should I immerse my product in water?

The immersion time is indicated on the product label.

Product Measurements

All measurements of Aqua Coolkeeper® cooling products are indicated for the ready-to-use products.
The productsout of the package are slightly larger because the product gets a bit thinker and therefor slightly smaller.

The indicated sizes are the effective sizes of the Aqua Coolkeeper® cooling products.
There might be a very small difference in size due to the sewing of the products.

Hot season is over? How can I store my Aqua Coolkeeper®?

If you wish to store your Aqua Coolkeeper®, first take sure that it is completely dry, which could take several days.
You can dry the Aqua Coolkeeper® faster by hanging it up outside in the breeze. Juste make sure it is going to rain!
Never store the Aqua Coolkeeper® in a plastic bag or other plastic container if the Aqua Coolkeeper® is still a little damp, as this can cause mould or odours.
The Aqua Coolkeeper is completely dry when the Hydroquartz™ in the product feel hard.
If you hang the product in a place where enough fresh air can get to it, it will dry and then you can store it.
If the product still contains moisture and it is not hung out to dry, but left folded, the moisture is not able to evaporate properly, which could lead mould.
We do not give a product guarantee against the formation of mould.

How to wash Aqua Coolkeeper®?

If you fill your Aqua Coolkeeper® in the evening, you can also use warm water for this, and rinse and wash the Aqua Coolkeeper® well with the warm water. The next morning your Aqua Coolkeeper® will once again be nice and clean, cool and dry!
You can also use a mild handsoap, but preferably not at all, to quickly hand wash the product.
Do not use any detergent or agressive cleaning agents. The will damage the Hydroquartz™ and make them possibily lose their effect.

I find that my Aqua Coolkeeper® ist not cold enough… What to do?

If you want your Aqua Coolkeeper® to be even cooler, you can put it in the fridge for a few minutes (not in the freezing compartment).

Warning: never use an Aqua Coolkeeper® directly from the refrigerator on an animal, a child or a person unable to indicate whether they find it comfortable or not, and/or are not capable of removing the cooling product themselves!

What is the difference between Hydroquartz™ and Hydroquartz™ Express?

+ Stay cool longer: up to 5 days
– Immersion in water: between 15-45 minutes

Hydroquartz™ Express:
– Stay cool 2-3 days
+ Immersion in water: between 30 seconds and 2 minutes

Both systems have the same cooling effect.
Are manufactured with Hydroquartz™ Express, products that would be too heavy with the Hydroquartz™ (e.g. small collars, jackets, harnesses,…)


  1. Hello; does the blanket for dogs work on humans aswell?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, the cooling works for both people and pets the same. The blankets are not as thick as the pet-mats and can of course be used by people.
      Because they are less thick it’s very comfortable to people to lay under the blanket.
      Keep Cool !

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