Aqua Coolkeeper Cooling Horse Neckcooler

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Why do horses need Aqua Coolkeeper® ?

When you put Aqua Coolkeeper® in water, the specially developed HydroQuartz™ inside the product will activate and form an active cooling gel. This HydroQuartz™ cooling gel absorbs your bodyheat and releases this heat through the process of evaporation. This allows an instant and continuous cooling to take place.
Aqua Coolkeeper® stays cool up to 5 days!

Protect your horse against overheating: Aqua Coolkeeper® products with HydroQuartz™ keep horses cool all day long!

Cools your horse when:

■ the weather is hot
■ sporting or working
■ outdoors
■ travelling

■ heat stress
■ raised body temperature
■ restricted airways due to heat stress

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